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Core Values

Professional, prompt and flexible - delivering excellence

Why choose PKP Transport for your next consignment?

Because PKP Transport CARE – they CARE about you their client, they CARE about your reputation and they CARE about your products.

PKP Transport realise that service means different things to different people – their strength is in being able to offer the things important to you.

Whether it begins with quick written quotations or the speedy provision of accurate delivery and collection schedules, you will find that PKP Transport’s vast experience enables them to give you what is paramount to you in the way of service at every stage of the business process.

PKP Transport have unrivaled haulage, transport and warehousing experience. They will take the time to identify your specific needs and present a solution that suits you. A consultative approach at an early stage can often save you money because it means you get exactly what you need.

Contact PKP Transport for a prompt, personal and professional haulage, transport and warehousing service that will fulfill your every need.

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Nationwide freight, transport, pallet distribution, haulage and logistic warehousing solutions.

PKP Transport – professional, prompt and flexible – Delivering Excellence